Groom’s ex-wife is ‘giving away’ former husband in first Royal same-sex wedding

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The Mirror:  The royal family is getting ready for its first same-sex wedding as Lord Ivar Mountbatten prepares to tie the knot.

The Queen’s cousin, who has three children, came out two years ago and he’s now set to marry his partner James Coyle. It’s the second time Lord Ivar will say his vows, and in an incredible sign of support his first wife Penny will give him away on the day.

The couple are planning a very small ceremony with just very close family and friends present. But afterwards there will be a big party with about 120 guests to celebrate their marriage.

Speaking to the Daily Mail , he said: “I had a really happy childhood but I could never tell my parents I was gay. Where I grew up, gay men were called poofs, queers, everything derogatory under the sun.

“In 15, 20 years’ time people will struggle to understand how we came to be having such conversations. People will look back and say, ‘What’s the big deal?’ But for our generation it was.”

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