Hell on earth – Videos and images of the torture, martyrdom and humiliation African migrants go through in Libya which Pope Francis wanted to see (Viewer discretion required)

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Before reading and viewing the strong video and images, viewer discretion is required.


Tortured, martyred, humiliated, bound and hung with ropes as salami. 

Paradoxically, death also represents a liberation for African migrants prisoners in detention centers in Libya, which some still insist on as a “safe haven”. 

The strong images of the torture inflicted on the migrants that are brought back to the detention centers in Libya, which is impossible to imagine how hell on earth is being replicated, if one does not see it with one’s own eyes, as Pope Francis wanted to do.

Corriere Della Sera and other portals, report about the stories of the survivors, that perhaps are no longer enough to make one realize the daily horror that is consumed beyond the Mediterranean: The report asks “how is it possible to imagine hell on earth if you do not look at it with your own eyes? “

Pope Francis, as reported today in the opening and in great evidence Avvenire , wanted to see personally what is impossible to conceive only with thought and as such follows their publication. 


The photos are still shots taken from the footage preserved by the survivors, as evidence of the violence they suffered, to open the eyes of the world on their reality. Exactly like the photos taken in the Nazi concentration camps: necessary, in their ferocity, because otherwise nobody would have believed what man could reach only the last century. 

“I saw a video in which you see what happens to those who are sent back,” Bergoglio told reporters, on his return from Ireland. 




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