Hospitals in Central and Southern Italy waiting for Tsunami of CoVid Cases

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Just one month ago, Italy reported its first case of CoVid19. Italy’s darkest month followed. 37,860 (and counting) are infected. 4,032 died, 

It is against this backdrop that hospitals in Italy’s central and southern regions are bracing themselves as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases grows daily, The Guardian reports.

The rise, which has been particularly steep in Lazio, Campania and Puglia, is believed to be largely the result of the thousands of people who fled south after Lombardy, where the outbreak in Italy began, was quarantined on 8 March. The entire country was put under lockdown on 9 March and rules were tightened on 11 March.

“Looking at the situation in central and southern Italy, you see cases increasing, especially over the last few days,” said Giorgio Sestili, a physicist who is collating studies from Italian scientists and sharing them on the Facebook page Coronavirus – Data and Scientific Analysis. “We think this could be due to the many people from the north who travelled south after the 9 March lockdown, and who might have transferred the virus.”

Emergency Commissioner and Civil Protection Chief Angelo Borrelli said Friday that 4,032 people have died with the coronavirus in Italy, up 627 on Thursday. It is the highest daily rise in the number of victims anywhere in the world, including China, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The previous high was 475, registered in Italy on Wednesday. Thursday’s rise had been 427. Borrelli said 37,860 people are currently infected with the coronavirus in Italy, 4,670 more than Thursday. The rise in contagions on Thursday with respect to Wednesday was 4,480. He said 5,129 people in Italy have recovered from the coronavirus, 689 more than Thursday. The daily gain on Thursday was 415. The overall tally of people to have contracted the coronavirus in Italy, including victims and those who have recovered, is now 47,021. Borrelli said the rise in fatalities and new cases does not mean the lockdown measures the government has imposed are not working.

“We’ll never know when we’ve reached the peak (until after), the experts say so” Borrelli said. “There was reasonable talk of it being next week or the week after, but it’s not a scientific datum. “The measures up to now have produced results. “The number of people who have tested positive stems form the circulation of the virus before the lockdown and we hope the current measures and those that will be taken in future will enable us to stop the epidemic”.

CDENEWS Via The Guardian / ANSA 


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