Hungarian PM Orban hail himself and Netanyahu as patriots

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Times of Israel: The close ties between Israel and Hungary derive from the fact that both countries are led by “patriots,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Thursday in Jerusalem.

During a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the controversial Hungarian leader also asserted that there there was “zero tolerance” for anti-Semitism in his country, claiming that while hatred of Jews is on the rise in Western Europe, it is declining in the eastern part of the continent.

The “excellent ties” between Budapest and Jerusalem are to a large extent the results of the close personal relationship between the two leaders, Orban said.

Orban went on to say that he and Netanyahu see “the challenges of the 21st century that lie before us with the same mind and from the same perspective.”

Both Israel and Hungary are concerned with the need to guarantee internal security and safeguarding their respective borders, he explained, alluding to the two countries’ hardline immigration policies.

“There is full agreement between us that security is the most important thing. Any nation has the right to defend its citizens. It’s our duty to provide our citizens with a sense of security,” he said.

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