I want to hug my child, but I can’t – Medical Director of Cremona Hospital

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For all of us who think that being stuck at home is some form of punishment, for those complaining about how difficult it is to maintain a semblance of normality, juggle work and kids, while suffering our other half through most of the day, this story is a true reality check.

This is the personal story of Federica Pezzetti, a 37-year-old medical director at the Cremona hospital in northern Italy, who gave an interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica. She is working on the frontline in Italy’s worst-hit region of Lombardy, and she speaks of the hardship of being away from her loved ones.

“One of the things that is becoming more difficult to manage is that we medical mothers can no longer embrace our children. Many of us are starting to give in, now we need the psychologist,” said Federica. Her words echo the experience of all the other health workers who are currently working around the clock to save lives.

Asked how long it has been since she hugged her son, Pezzetti said: “For more than two weeks, since it has become so difficult and relentless, I and other mothers and doctors or nurses from our hospital have had to take precautions at home. I tried to explain to my seven year old why, telling the truth. When I come home I eat alone, I keep my distance from my husband, I sleep separately, I pay a lot of attention.”

Federica explains how all health workers work late into the night and are back at their place of work the next morning, helping all those in need. There are no more roles or hierarchy – everyone works together to share the load. She speaks of fear, the need of precaution and the frustration about not being able to help all those in need.

Indeed – we all need to appreciate that all the healthworkers around the world are the new superheroes.

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