In Italy, working mother is told “You either accept the offer to leave, or they’ll make your life misery” after having second child

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“You should accept the offer. If you go back to work they will force you die”. Although using a friendly tone, worker Chiara could not see a friend in the employer’s consultant who while handing her a handout offer for dismissal from her workplace. She was sure that she had done nothing to deserve to be removed in such a threatening way. The only “fault” was that of having become a mother for the second time.

Corriere Della Sera reports that since the firm where she was working went through a generational change, the new management of the company started to create major problems for her.

According to the trade union CGIL, the employer requested Chiara to inform them even prior to when she got pregnant, saying that they had a right to know about the family plans of having another child, when this was decided by the couple.

The worker undergone a series of bullying attitude by her employer, until after the delivery of her child, the company was forcing her into redundancy.

The CGIL said that this is not a solitary case. In fact there were over 27,000 reported cases of forced redundancies because of pregnancy issues.


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