In Malta, 72 out of every 100 persons aged between 15 to 64, are employed – NSO

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In Malta, on average, out of every 100 persons aged between 15 to 64 years, 72 were employed. Self-employed persons accounted for 15.1 per cent of all persons with a main job. The majority of employed persons worked on a full-time basis totalling 207,705 and 33,763 had a part-time job as their primary employment.

Unemployed persons stood at 8,853 (2.1 per cent) while inactive persons totalled 165,235 (39.8 per cent). The activity rate for the quarter under review was estimated at 74.9 per cent with the highest rate recorded among persons aged 25 to 54 (86.7 per cent).  

The male employment rate for this age bracket was 81.6 per cent while that for females stood at 62.1 per cent. The largest share of employed persons was recorded among persons aged between 25 and 34 years, for both males and females.

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