Indications of imminent deployment of Belarusian paratroopers in Ukraine

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The Kyiv Independent is reporting that Belarusian paratroopers could be deployed to Ukraine as early as this morning.

The news outlet says it has multiple sources saying the decision has been made and that as soon as 28 February at 5am local time, the first Il-76 transport aircraft is very likely to take off carrying Belarusian paratroopers to be deployed against Ukraine.

Belarus’s armed forces include nearly 45,000 military personnel, according to local media, and it is thought that those deployed to Ukraine could be sent to the Kyiv or the Zhytomyr areas.

Belarusian opposition media has launched an anti-war campaign, including a video from former high-ranking Belarusian airborne commander Valeriy Sakhashik.

He urges all Belarusian paratroopers not to obey unlawful orders that would throw them into a war against a friendly nation.

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File photo of Belarussian soldiers. EPA-EFE/TATYANA ZENKOVICH

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