Israeli court says boy who survived cable car disaster must be returned to Italy

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JERUSALEM, Oct 25 (Reuters) – An Israeli court ruled on Monday that a six-year-old boy, who is the only survivor of an Italian cable car disaster, must be returned to relatives in Italy.

Eitan Biran was brought to Israel several weeks ago by his grandfather after both his parents died in the cable car accident in May. Biran’s remaining family in Italy had petitioned the court for his return. 

Photo – Carabinieri and Soccorso Alpino forces inspect the site where the Stresa-Alpino?Mottarone cable car crashed to the ground after a cable snapped on 23 May 2021, in Mottarone Stresa, northern Italy. The crash killed fourteen passengers in the cable car, and seriously injured one child. EPA-EFE/ALESSANDRO DI MARCO

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