Italian health expert ties decline in Omicron cases with high vaccination rate

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Italy has reached a peak in the number of Omicron infections with cases of the variant now declining, according to a health official.

Covid emergency commissioner Francesco Paolo Figliuolo told journalists in Milan that “there is good news: it seems that we have reached the plateau of the curve for what concerns Omicron and it is going downhill. In the past two days, even in Lombardy [where death rates are highest] the number of admissions to the hospital is lower than the number of discharged. This bodes well”, he argued.

Figlioulo added that more than 87% of the population is now fully vaccinated, noting that the Covid pandemic might have reached its plateau might be related to the vaccination trend.

The country’s health authorities reproted 77,696 Covid-19 related cases on Monday, against 138,860 the day before, while the number of deaths rose to 352 from 227, according to official health data. Patients in hospital with Covid-19 – not including those in intensive care – stood at 19,862 on Monday, increasing from 19,627 a day earlier.

There were 101 new admissions to intensive care units, down from 132 on Sunday. The total number of intensive care patients increased to 1,685, unchanged from the day before.

Figlioulo said Italy was an international point of reference “I want to testify that Italy is doing really well. We are also seen internationally as a point of reference. We are a benchmark and I am proud of this, not for me, but for all those who have been working tirelessly for many months to ensure that we can get out of this emergency “, he insisted.

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