Italian Prime Minister threatens to step down if coalition bickering continues

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Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte threatened to step down if the ruling League and 5Star Movement don’t stop bickering.

At a news conference in Rome on Monday evening, Conte said he had been “naive in thinking the two parties would settle their differences after the European election” in which the League won 28 seats and the 5Stars 14.

Conte insisted he does not belong to any political party and only has Italians’ best interests at heart. But he said it only made sense for him to continue if the government’s five-year plan can be implemented.

Conte also said he would try his best to carry on talking with the European Commission over the country’s budget to avoid potential sanctions. However, he called on his deputies, the League’s Matteo Salvini and the 5Stars’ Luigi Di Maio, to send unambiguous messages to help restore financial markets’ faith in the country.

“The next budget law must put the country’s public finances back on track because EU rules won’t change until we manage to change them,” Conte said.

via ANSA / Politico

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