Italian soldiers abroad put on maximum alert after Soleimani killing

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As a reaction to the killing this week of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, the Italian military deployed in areas that could be exposed to Iranian retaliation have been put on maximum alert.

Among the measure’s security was shored up at the bases and travel limited to the bare essential. Italian military forces are part of the United Nations peacekeeping fgorce in Lebanon. There are also Italian military personnel in Iraq and Libya.

The decision was made by the Italian Defence Minister Lorenzo Guerini, who immediately after the American attack was in continuous contact with the IOC, the structure that manages all operations outside the area, and with the intelligence services.

Italian officials also pointed out that the alert is at the highest levels in Italy itself.

On the other hand, officials emphasized that no specific threats are reported, but some control services have been enhanced, in particular those on sites related to American and Iranian interests in Italy, like diplomatic missions or airline offices.



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