Italy allocates 25 billion euros to help citizens face difficulties after Coronavirus outbreak

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Premier Giuseppe Conte said Wednesday the government had earmarked 25 billion euros for the coronavirus emergency. The new sum comes on top of an initial 7.5 billion euros to tackle immediate needs amid the outbreak. Conte added that the European Commission had shown “great opening on the liquidity” needed to breach budget limits to face the emergency.

Italy is the worst hit country outside China with 631 deaths and over 10,000 infected.

In a post on Facebook, the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said “To the many citizens worried about work, their activities, mothers, fathers, grandparents and friends who have to postpone their embrace today, I want to say that the State does not forget you: it is by your side today and it will be tomorrow.

We have allocated an extraordinary sum of 25 billion to face the difficulties of this emergency. We spoke to the European Union in a clear and decisive voice. Now there is the utmost awareness that in order to face this common challenge it is necessary to use all the tools we have available, both national and European. Now both the EU and the ECB are ready to do their part, guaranteeing liquidity and supporting businesses.

I thank all the Italians for the small and large sacrifices they are making these days. Let’s stay away today to hug each other more warmly and to run faster tomorrow. We’ll make it.

Via Facebook / ANSA 

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