Italy and EU allies “have the numbers” to car vehicle emission rules, Salvini says

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Italy’s transport minister said on Tuesday that Italy and its allies in the European Union can block the Euro 7 regulation which tightens vehicle emission limits for pollutants including nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide from 2025.

EU countries and lawmakers are due this year to negotiate on the proposed legislation, designed to apply to cars and vans from July 2025 and to buses and trucks two years later.

The proposed Euro 7 regulation was “clearly wrong” and not even helpful from an environmental pint of view, said Italy’s Transport Minister Matteo Salvini, the leader of the League coalition party in Italy’s right-wing government.

“Italy, with France, Czech Republic, Romania, Portugal, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary, has the numbers to block this leap in the dark,” Salvini said during an automotive dealer conference in Verona.

“We’re now a blocking minority, we want to become a majority,” he added.

European carmakers have been fighting back against the proposed emission regulations they argue are too costly, rushed and unnecessary. The European Commission says are needed to cut harmful emissions and prevent a repeat of the Dieselgate scandal.

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