Italy heading to this  year’s first real heatwave

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The African anticyclone Hannibal is set to bring the year’s first real heatwave to Italy starting this weekend and peaking Tuesday, forecasters warned.

Italy is already seeing temperatures eight degrees above the seasonal average and the heat wave is set to bring peaks more commonly seen in July, said Antonio Sanò, director and founder of the website

Sanò said the current anticyclonewould be “reinforced across the central Mediterranean and stretch north as far as Poland and Denmark”.

Temperatures will reach well over 32-33°C, he said, especially in northern Italy, but the heat will spread to the centre and south over the weekend.

If it were August, with seas hot, this weather configuration would spell temps of 37-39°C, said Sanò.But at the moment temps are mitigated by the Mediterranean basin still being relatively cool, around 20-22°C.

    Brief moments of afternoon cool respite are forecast in the Alps at the weekend, and locally in the Po Valley, with scattered thunderstorms, as happens at the height of summer.

The heat wave will bring steamy and breathless ‘afa’ conditions to most of the country.


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