Italy’s Foreign Minister says Ukraine desire to join EU is legitimate, partners call for prudence

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Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said on Monday that Ukraine’s desire to join the European Union was legitimate, as the country battled with invading Russian troops on a fifth day of conflict.

“I think the Ukrainian request to join the EU is a legitimate request,” Di Maio said in an interview with RAI state television.

“I am convinced … that in Ukraine European citizens are dying and suffering under the Russian bombs. We have to be on their side.”

However, hours later, the first divergences within Government started to appear. Licia Ronzulli, Vice-President of the Forza Italia Group in the Senate, remarked that insisting now with this request, during the peace negotiations with Russia, “risks going through a provocation and this would undoubtedly be counterproductive “. So “first the conflict is resolved and peace is restored.”

Along the same lines, the populist Matteo Salvini, who called for ‘consideration’ in the decision-making process on this front: “We must be cautious, prudent and reasonable.” The fear is that Ukraine’s accession to the European Union may end up further fueling conflicts with Russia, with the shadow of consequences for the entire West.

via Reuters

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