Its for the health and the economy – Maltese employers call for the cancellation of all mass events

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The Malta Employers’ Association said that mass events like parties and feast marches are risking the reversal of all the gains made against the spread of the Covid virus in Malta.

The country’s economy, the country’s public health and the fate of Malta’s achievement are being put at risk by what the Association is deeming as the ridiculous authorisation of such events.

The association said in a statement that there can be no winners if there is a surge in cases brought about by mass events.

Besides the obvious impact and dangers posed to public health, the association said that  many employers and employees have made tremendous sacrifices in the battle against COVID – lost productivity, reduced pay packet, working flexibly, mandatory quarantine for vulnerable groups among others.

If schools remain closed in September due to the virus, there will be chaos in the labour market. The association added that even the tourism industry stands to lose from a sustained spike in cases, as the recovery will take much longer than anticipated. We would have capriciously given up the advantage of promoting ourselves as a safe and family friendly destination to appease the myopic interests of a few operators.

MEA stressed that we if revert to the situation that prevailed in April of this year, thousands will lose their job, and government cannot say that mass gatherings are being allowed due to pressure from employer bodies, since most employers are definitely against taking such unnecessary risks. It exhorted government to act responsibly by taking immediate action to stop this nonsense with immediate effect to avoid what can escalate into a social and economic tragedy.

Earlier on Sunday, nine out of the fourteen cases which have tested positive over the last 24 hours are linked to G7 Events Hotel Takeover Summer 2020, therefore reaching a total of 15 confirmed cases as part of this cluster.

Public Health Authorities are still recommending that all those who attended any event or party related to the Hotel Takeover Summer 2020 get tested for COVID-19. Persons are to call 111 to set an appointment, even if they do not have any symptoms.

As symptoms can develop within 14 days of exposure, it is imperative that whoever attended these events monitors themselves for symptoms for the coming two weeks. Anyone who develops symptoms should stay indoors and call 111 again to book another swab to exclude COVID-19 infection. Meanwhile, three of the fourteen cases were local sporadic cases and two were imported cases.

None of the 14 positive cases require treatment in hospital and, following clinical evaluation, are all recovering at their own home under the coordination of primary healthcare.

Over 2,600 persons have signed  a petition calling on the cancellation of mass gatherings. Following the news of 14 new cases, 7 of which are reportedly linked to the G7Events Hotel TakeOver Party cluster, the general public is concerned about the risks of mass gatherings taking place in the island.

Apart from the pressure being done by private citizens, the CD eNews agency is reliably informed that a number of operators in various business sectors and other stakeholders also expressed their concern to the spike as it might impact the overall economic recovery plan and the country’s reputation built on the strength of its successful management of the first Coronavirus wave.

The possibility of the island of Malta of hosting 4, three-day weekend long dance parties, which normally take place in Spain, in the coming months has raised concern in view of the various situations evolving around Europe. These parties are expected to attract to the island circa 100,000 persons.

Malta Employers Association / Independent / CD eNews 

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