It’s not a question of whether Theresa May will lose her job, but when

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Allison Pearson columnist and the chief interviewer of the Daily Telegraph writes that “Theresa May is a ghost prime minister and her Chequers deal is in the mortuary. It is no longer a question of whether she will lose her job, but when.”

“Last week, I got an unprecedented response after I wrote about Mrs May’s personal unsuitability for leading our nation through a historic negotiation. Thousands of Telegraph readers agreed, emailing their furious reactions. An armada of Basildon Bond is in the post, I’m sure.”

“So far, Mrs May’s negotiating successes have included giving £39 billion to Brussels in return for nothing whatsoever,” protested one reader. “I’m Conservative and I see Theresa May as an EU servant there to thwart Brexit,” fumed another.

As the Remain-supporting Financial Times pointed out: “The document envisages such close economic ties that one EU diplomat commented wryly that it looked more like “a membership application than an exit plan”.

Great. Instead of a Canada-plus-plus trade deal, we get Moldova-minus-minus. It’s an insult to a great country, and Mrs May and her Europhile Rasputin, Ollie Robbins, must not be allowed to get away with it.

Read more from Pearson’s column on The Telegraph.

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