Labour shortage a burning issue in Croatia

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The President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) Luka Burilović said that Croatia had benefited from its membership of the European Union, however, the labour shortage was becoming a burning issue and required a radical approach.

Asked what the past six years of EU membership means for the HGK, Burilović said that Croatia had joined the EU in its “golden years” and that six years on the country was economically stronger.

Croatia joined the European Union on July 1, 2013 as the 28th member of the bloc.

But Burilović said that the loss of labour force is Croatia’s biggest problem

“Before Croatia joined the EU, we spoke of the lack of jobs and that people could not find work and now we are talking about labour shortages. There is hardly any sector of the Croatian economy that is not seeking workers,” Burilović said.

Import quotas for workers have become senseless and it is time for something more concrete to be done. The long-term aim and strategy has to be to adjust the education system with the needs of the labour market and ensure dual vocational education for occupations in greatest demand.


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