Latvia and Estonia withdraw Czech Republic from list of safe countries

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Latvia and Estonia have withdrawn the Czech Republic from their lists of safe countries due to the growing number of coronavirus cases, the Czech Foreign Ministry has told journalists.

The Czech Republic reported 15,081 cases of coronavirus as of July 24 as authorities reinstated measures to curb the spread of the virus, which has spiked in the past week.

Czechs will have to wear face masks when attending indoor events with more than 100 persons present from Saturday as the daily number of confirmed cases surpassed 150 in the last five days and Prague was trying to contain an outbreak from a club.

On Saturday Czech Interior Minister Jan Hamacek today called the recent development of the epidemiological situation in Czechia alarming and appealed to Czechs to wear face masks indoors and in public transport means, whatever the Health Ministry’s directives may be.

The government does not want to repeat the spring closure of the economy, he emphasized.

“I would like to ask the citizens not to wait for the [Health] Ministry to impose directives on them, but to wear face masks [voluntarily] when staying indoors and public transport means,” Hamacek said.

Health Minister Adam Vojtech previously said he wants to decide on Friday whether to order new across-the-board measures against the coronavirus spread.

Hamacek said the use of face masks proved efficient once. “This is the simplest thing we can do and prevent the damage similar to that [the epidemic] caused in the spring,” he said.

“The numbers of the new COVID-19 patients, as reported in recent days, have been alarming. It is turning out that the situation has been slowly deteriorating,” Hamacek said.

Nevertheless, the situation can be tackled by standard instruments used by the Health Ministry, he said.

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