Lithuania prepares to take in refugees from Ukraine if needed

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Lithuania would be ready to take in people fleeing war in Ukraine if Russia decided to invade its neighbour, Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė said this week.

“While we do not consider this as a central scenario because we still hope that a diplomatic solution and common sense can prevail in this situation, the government would welcome […] people fleeing war,” she told reporters after the cabinet meeting.

Lithuanian Interior Minister Agnė Bilotaitė also said earlier on Wednesday that the country’s authorities were preparing to take in refugees from Ukraine if needed.

“It would be difficult to speak about specific numbers, but we are […] modelling different scenarios and situations,” the minister told BNS.

Lithuania has also told nationals in Ukraine to consider leaving.

On Saturday, its foreign ministry said they have been “supporting Ukraine and its people since they regained independence and will continue doing so”. 

The Lithuanian embassy in Ukraine would continue to perform its duties, the foreign ministry added.

PHOTO – Russian and Lithuanian landmarks near the Sudargas border crossing in Ramoniskiai village, Lithuania. EPA/VALDA KALNINA

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