Lockerbie Primary School invites Libyan teachers for lessons in hope after tragic past

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Teachers from Libya have been invited to visit pupils in Lockerbie as teachers seek to change perceptions around its tragic past.

The Daily Record reports that the “Lockerbie Primary’s deputy head, Karen Carter, wants the world to know there is more to the ­Dumfriesshire town than just the place where a bomb went off overhead in 1988.

Educators from Palestine, Turkey, Lithuania, Germany and Russia have already visited the school as part of the £38 million Connecting Classroom scheme set up by the British Council and the Department for ­International Development through its Global Learning programme.

The attack on Pan Am 103 was traced back to Libya and in 2001 intelligence officer Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was found guilty of murdering 270 people – all 259 victims on the flight and 11 ­residents of ­Lockerbie.

The school’s deputy head said: “The fact ­Lockerbie is so well known for its tragic history isn’t a good thing. “I really want other people around the world to see that there’s more to Lockerbie. “The best way to do this is to teach the kids that Lockerbie’s history doesn’t define them and that there’s a great big world full of culture out there.”

Via The Daily Record 

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