Loyalty to God means willingness to serve – Pope

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Vatican News – In God’s eyes, Pope Francis said on Sunday, “greatness and success” are not measured by social position, job title, or wealth, but by service; “not on what someone has, but on what someone gives.”

The Holy Father looked to the day’s Gospel, where Jesus’ disciples were discussing among themselves which of them was the greatest. Jesus responded with “with harsh words… that are still valid today”: “If anyone would be first, he must be last of all, and servant of all.”

The Pope acknowledged that the idea of service might seem “a bit hackneyed, worn out by use.” But he insisted that it has a “precise and concrete meaning in the Gospel”; it means “acting like Jesus” who had come into the world “not to be served, but to serve.”

The Pope concluded with a prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary, “the humble servant of the Lord,” asking her to “help us to understand that to serve does not belittle us, but helps us to grow.”

Pope Francis also turned his thoughts to the many victims of flooding in Mexico’s Hidalgo State, where over 17 people died. 

After the recitation of the Marian prayer in St Peter’s Square, the Pope expressed his closeness especially to those in the Tula Hospital, and “to their beloved ones”. 

Heavy rainfall on 7 September caused the Tula and Rosas rivers to break their banks in the municipality of Tula in Hidalgo State.

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