Lukashenko orders purge in security service after senior officer flees Belarus

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Belarus’ strongman leader Alexander Lukashenko has launched a massive purge of potential “traitors” after a high-ranking officer of the country’s KGB security agency escaped to the European Union.

Lukashenko has ordered security services “to launch procedures to prevent the escape of further potential ‘traitors’ from the country,” according to the independent Belarusian outlet Nasha Niva, Poland’s website reported.

Lukashenko’s move came after a senior KGB officer, in the rank of captain, fled Belarus in late September, independent media in Belarus reported.

The officer had served in the KGB’s special-forces unit named Alpha and was helped in his escape by members of the anti-Lukashenko underground, said, quoting Nasha Niva.

Meanwhile, Belarusian opposition politician Franak Viacorka said in a tweet that the officer had escaped to the European Union.

A spokesperson for the Belarusian KGB has told reporters that the man in question is a former officer of the security agency, dismissed in August due to his involvement in “fraud.”

The KGB press official added that the officer had “illegally earned USD 30,000 from the practice” and “an investigation is to be launched into the matter,” reported.

The defector’s name has not been made public so far. According to local media, the counter-terrorism services of one of Belarus’ neighbours have also taken an interest in the individual.

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