Macron to push for eurozone reform

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Euronews: Emmanuel Macron is expected to push eurozone reform back on the European agenda when he meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin today. Reforming the management of Europe’s single currency was one of Macron’s top priorities when he became French president, but with international focus shifting to immigration, analysts are warning that his time is running out

“Rather than eurozone reform dominating the agenda as Macron had hoped, it’s going to be immigration more than likely,” says Reuters French Bureau chief Luke Baker. “So… this window of opportunity to agree these reforms and to see his grand vision that he laid out at the Sorbonne realised, that window is closing, and if he doesn’t get it done now, we run into German regional elections later in the year, and then we’re into 2019, we’re into Britain leaving the European Union, we’re into European parliamentary elections. And the whole idea of eurozone reform is forgotten.”

The bilateral meeting between France and Germany will prepare the ground for the European Summt in Brussels at the end of the month. France wants to increase European investment in research and development – but Germany is much more cautious on the issue.

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