Maha Vajiralongkorn crowned as Thailand’s king

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Thailand’s King Maha Vajiralongkorn has been crowned on the first of three days of coronation rites.

The BBC reports how days ago in a surprise announcement the palace said the king had married his long-term partner and royal consort who would now be Queen Suthida.

It was Thailand’s first coronation in 69 years.

Dressed in a white, gold-trimmed one-shoulder robe, the monarch on Saturday morning sat in a pavilion in the Grand Palace while Thailand’s Supreme Patriarch, the most senior Buddhist monk in the country, poured water down his back and on his hands. Brahmin priests and royal family members then passed him vessels of blessed water to pour over himself, reports The Straits Times.

Thailand has a constitutional monarchy, but the royal family is highly revered by Thais and wields considerable power.

He then issued his first royal command, promising to reign with righteousness, as his father had done at his coronation 69 years ago.

The coronation comes at a time of political uncertainty. A general election was held on 24 March, the first since the army took control in a coup in 2014, but a new government has yet to be declared.

Via BBC / Straits Times