Malta-24 News Briefing Sunday 2nd August 2020 – UPDATED

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Update 12:35

The Ministry of Health announced that there were 15 new Coronavirus cases reported in Malta. The total number of active cases is 185.

Two of the cases were imported, 4 were related to the feast of St. Venera and 2 to the cluster of the party in Paceville. The other cases were sporadic.

In its announcement, the Ministry announced that the majority of the cases did not go to work when they felt the symptoms, however contact tracing is ongoing.


Update 11:33 

MEP Roberta Metsola has announced that she’s not excluding taking the plunge and contest the PN leadership election. Her declaration, through her Facebook, states that the current situation within the Nationalist Party should not be about personal ambitions but about what is needed for the country and the party.

Earlier, Dr Therese Commodini Cachia who was indicated by the majority of the PN MPs as the one they trusted as Leader of Opposition, following their vote of no-confidence in Dr Adrian Delia, on her Facebook, said that she will retain a role of being a catalyst in the future revival of the party. In her post she did confirm or deny her intentions to contest for the top post.


PN General Council opts for fresh leadership elections

Members of the Nationalist Party General Council opted for a fresh leadership election, in what is being considered as a third vote of no confidence in current leader Adrian Delia.

839 council members (56%) voted in favour of the option to kick off a new leadership race, with 44% voting in line with Delia’s preferred option, that of asking the party’s paid-up members for another vote of confidence in their Kap.

Turnout was 93%.

Despite this result, Delia confirmed he will be contesting the new leadership race, insisting that should he win, he will be continuing his new style of politics with a new team.

Speaking on behalf of the group of MPs who are insisting that Delia should leave, Gozitan MP Chris Said argued that in no democratic country did a party leader stay on after losing three confidence votes, recalling that it was the PN Leader himself who pushed this last vote as another vote of confidence in himself. Said also referred to Delia’s comments on moving on with a new team as “divisive”.

The PN’s paid-up members will therefore be now called to vote on a new leader in the coming weeks. Besides Delia, so far, MP Therese Comodini Cachia – who was originally nominated as Leader of the Opposition, and Dr Bernard Grech, have expressed interest.

Coronavirus in Malta – Industrial action postponed

The Health Department yesterday announced 21 new cases of coronavirus, with no recoveries. It said that most cases were related to existent clusters while two were imported. Significantly, the majority of the cases are of people under the age of 35.

The Medical Association of Malta and the Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses have agreed to postpone industrial action that was originally ordered in view of government’s reticence to cancel mass events.

After meeting Health Minister Chris Fearne, the doctors’ lobby said that it was agreed in principle on a draft text on how to address pending issues particularly the problems related to the dangers of mass events, and how to tackle the new surge in cases so as to avoid unnecessary risks to medical professionals and the general public.

Meanwhile, the Curia of the Archbishop announced that all pilgrimages to celebrate the Titular and Secondary feasts in our parishes will be cancelled. After taking note of and following the public indications given by the competent health authorities, the Bishops of Malta and Gozo have decided that no other pilgrimages will take place this year.

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