Malta: Active business units increase to 53,348

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Provisional figures for 2020 show that there were 53,348 active business units in Malta, an increase of 4.6 per cent, or 2,345 active business units, over 2019, the NSO said today.

The wholesale, retail trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles sector accounted for 18.7 per cent of the active business units; Professional, scientific and technical activities accounted for 13.0 per cent, whilst
construction accounted for 9.7 per cent.

In 2020, 69.0 per cent of the active business units were sole proprietors and partnerships, 28.6 per cent were limited liability companies or public limited liability companies, while 2.3 per cent were non-profit organisations, cooperatives, corporations, branches or joint ventures

The number of new registrations within the active business population decreased by 27.0 per cent while the
deregistrations increased by 27.0 per cent over 2019. Compared to the situation a year earlier, micro business units employing between 0 and 9 persons increased by 4.9 per cent. Large business units employing more than 250 persons increased by 4.3 per cent while small business units employing between 10 and 49 persons, increased by 0.3 per cent. Medium-sized business units employing between 50 and 249 persons decreased by 1.0 per cent.
There were 16,167 employers in Malta in 2020, a decrease of 0.2 per cent over the previous year