Malta Budget 2022: Teachers’ Unions say Budget ignores challenges facing educators

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The MUT expressed disappointment with yesterday’s Budget, arguing that educators were left out in the cold and their challenges completely ignored. It also lamented the fact that government had ignored teachers completely in its consultations, and this was visible in the budget speech, during which the sector’s biggest challenges, such as teacher shortage, were completely ignored.
“One would have expected it to at least be recognised as a problem with a plan for the coming years,” the union said, referring to the the situation arising before the start of the current scholastic year, where a number of educators were deployed to other schools, sometimes to teach different subjects, merely hours before the return of students to class.

The Union said that there were no incentives to give teachers the necessary tools to work with, and expressed frustration at references to professional training for LSEs, when this is already required by law and not actually taking place.

“The MUT is ignore the plight of educators”, it concluded, expressing hope that further details are provided in the upcoming estimate speeches.

Its counterpart, the Union for Professional Educators said that the budget forgot all about educators and even reduces the budget allocation for the Ministry of Education.

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