Malta Chamber of Advocates Condemns Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

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Invasion represents “a vicious attack on the rule of law”

The Chamber of Advocates joins the international community in an unequivocal condemnation of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. All states must respect the fundamental values, principles and freedoms set out in the European Convention on Human Rights and the general principles of public international law. The respect for international laws and treaties must be maintained and upheld.

The unwarranted invasion of a sovereign state represents a vicious attack on the rule of law. The Chamber is particularly concerned about women, children, and the vulnerable people of Ukraine who, although living in a democratic country, must suffer an unreasonable and unjustified situation.

The Chamber expresses solidarity with its Ukrainian colleagues under attack and is also mindful of the position of Russian colleagues who feel they are not able to speak out against this illegal war for fear of their lives.

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