Malta: Decrease in licensed vehicles for first time in four years

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The were 395,413 licensed vehicles in Malta at the end of the second quarter this year, around 2,000 less than were registered in the previous quarter. Data by the National Statistics Office shows that this is the first time that the stock of motor vehicles did not increase quarter-on-quarter since 2017.

Nevertheless, 3,798 new vehicles were licensed between April and June, with an average of 40 every day. Six in ten of newly licensed vehicles were passenger cars while a fifth of them were motorcycles or e-bikes. Used vehicles amounted to 56 percent of the new vehicles, with the rest being brand new models.

Slightly over three-fourths of all licensed vehicles in Malta are passenger cars, 14 percent are commercial vehicles while 8 percent are motorcycles or quads. Buses and minibuses make up less than one percent of all vehicles.

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