Malta Election Watch – What are the Sunday surveys saying?

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As the European Parliament and local elections approach, interest in what might the result be increases. It-Torċa, MaltaToday and Illum carry stories based on surveys the newspapers carried or commissioned.

The general sentiment indicated by the numbers indicate that the Labour Party will win the forthcoming elections. Vincent Marmara’s survey on It-Torċa indicate a 16% gap between the Labour Party and the Nationalist Party, which translates in circa 48,000 votes. MaltaToday‘s survey on the other hand, with less than three weeks to go before the European election, polls show vote margin 15%, translating itself in a 45,000 vote gap. MaltaToday also publishes the trust rating of the leaders, where Joseph Muscat enjoys 51.7% support, contrary to the 21.2% that Adrian Delia has. Illum reports that the PN is resigned to the idea, of managing an electoral gap within the 40,000s.

MaltaToday also carries a survey on first preference votes.  “Miriam Dalli has pulled ahead of fel- low European Parliament election can- didates with the third survey mapping out voter preferences giving her 11.8% support. The Labour MEP jumps up three points since the last MaltaToday survey in April, securing the top spot by a sig- nificant margin. She is followed by colleague and MEP, Alfred Sant, who sees his support in- crease by 0.2 points to secure 8.8% of voter preferences. Nationalist Party MEP Roberta Metsola retains the third place with 6.4% of voter preferences. She sees her share of the vote increase by more than one percentage point over April.

The survey shows that the PL’s third seat may be a hot contest between Alex Agius Saliba and Josianne Cutajar. On the PN side, Frank Psaila retains second place behind Metsola with 2.9% of voter preferences but the newcomer experienced a drop of 1.5 points over the April result. Incumbent MEP David Casa has 2% of voter preferences while newcomer Peter Agius with 1.8%.

CD via It-Torca, MaltaToday and Illum.