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The Maltese portals lead with the follow up on the murder of Shannon Mak. Today, a  22 year-old Dutch national Jelle Rijmpa was charged with the murder of Dutch woman Shannon Mak.

The Malta Independentsays that “wearing a white shirt and jeans the accused pleaded not guilty and requested bail, on the basis that he has a permanent residence in Malta, is a European national and has a fixed job.” Malta Today adds that the defence also argued that the accused had many ties to Malta, including his job in the igaming sector.

Shannon Mak, also from the Netherlands, was found dead in Santa Venera in the early hours on Friday morning. She was found with her throat slashed, lying on the ground between two cars in Triq il-Mastrudaxxi at around 6.15am by a resident when on the way to work.  Malta Today reports that Jelle’s charge sheet shows him as living in the same street in Santa Venera.

Rijmpa was also charged with carrying a knife outside a premises without a licence.

iNewscarries footage of the arraignment of Rijmpa. Net Newsalso has footage of the arraignment. In the story we read the line of defence taken by Dr Stefano Filletti, the lawyer appearing on behalf of the family of Mak who objected to the request of bail for the accused claiming that the seriousness of the case and the way the execution was done carries with it a maximum term of life imprisonment. TVM quotes Dr. Filletti stating  that this was a case of violent homicide, and the Court should deliver a message that it was a serious case.


Facebook Photo of accused and victim taken in 2017

One News refers to the fact that the accused was in a relationship with Mak and the news portal quotes sources close to the investigations which confirmed that during the interrogation, the accused allegedly confirmed his involvement and also the alleged motive being that he could not take the fact that the relationship between the two finished. Her family members who had just arrived from abroad were present during the arraignment, including the woman’s father.


Malta’s credit rating was affirmed at A+ by Fitch, with a stable outlook thanks to its robust economic growth.

MaltaToday says that larger tax revenues and proceeds from the sale of Maltese citizenship, coupled with lower capital spending, will keep Malta’s surplus at 1% of GDP in 2018, the credit rating agency Fitch said.

One emphasis that Fitch confirmed that the ‘banking’ sector is strong, in what can be seen as a ‘counter-statement’ to what the other Credit Rating Agency Standards and Poor said earlier.


TVM reports that Pilatus Holding, which owns the Pilatus Bank, presented a judicial protest and requested MFSA to withdraw the directives it imposed on Pilatus Bank. The protest follow MFSA action in which, among others, it withdrew the banking licence of the bank and appointed an administrator of the bank.

The company accused the Malta Financial Services Authority with negligence when it completely believed the information passed over by Maria Efimova.

Malta Today emphasises that Pilatus has lambasted Efimova as ‘politically motivated Russian informant’


Newsbook reports that Mgr. Joseph Galea-Curmi will be ordained as new Auxiliary Bishop of Malta. The Mass for the Episcopal Ordination will start at 7pm, and will be celebrated by Archbishop Charles Scicluna.


It also reports that the Archbishop has requested a meeting with the family of a girl, whose parents earlier, claimed that their daughter wasn’t given the ‘certificate’ of her First Holy Communion in view of an issue which stemmed out from the alleged way the girl was treated by the celebrant of the the ceremony where she was meant to receive her First Communion because of her autism.


The Balluta Bay beach sand nourishment project has concluded, and is now open to the public, St Julian’s Mayor Guido Dalli confirmed with The Malta Independent. Studies had been carried out a few years ago and the MTA had decided that, rather than import sand, it would collect the sand that is dispersed on the seabed throughout the bay and put it back in place, thereby extending the beach from its previous size.


Lovin Malta reports that five days after local authorities confirmed a farm in Malta had salmonella in its eggs, a second producer has been directed to stop selling their produce on the market. Located in Victoria, Gozo, the sampled eggs were found to have the bacteria by the Veterinary National Control Program.








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