Malta: Inflation jumps to 4.1% in January

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In January 2022, the annual rate of inflation as measured by the HICP was 4.1% up from 2.6% in December 2021, one of the highest increases recorded in recent times, data published by the NSO today shows.

The largest upward impact on annual inflation was measured in the Food and non-alcoholic beverages Index (+1.25
%), while the downward impact was recorded in the Communication Index (-0.05%).

Focusing on the annual inflation rates in January 2022, the highest rates were recorded in Food and non-alcoholic beverages
(6.9% and Recreation and culture (5.5%). On the other hand, the lowest annual inflation rates were registered
in Communication (-1.4%) and Alcoholic beverages and tobacco (0.5%).

The euro area annual inflation rate was 5.1% in January 2022, up from 5.0% in December. A year earlier, the rate was 0.9%. European Union annual inflation was 5.6% in January 2022, up from 5.3% in December. A year earlier, the rate was 1.2%.

The lowest annual rates were registered in France (3.3%), Portugal (3.4%) and Sweden (3.9%). The highest annual rates were recorded in Lithuania (12.3%), Estonia (11.0%) and Czechia (8.8%). Compared with December, annual inflation fell in eight Member States and rose in nineteen.

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