Malta News Briefing – 30th June 2022

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Times of Malta says outgoing standards commissioner George Hyzler on Thursday insisted that partisan adverts should not be financed by taxpayers.  

MaltaToday says police officers have been ordered by their union not to carry out fixed point duties with barriers during feasts and other events as part of an industrial dispute over work conditions.

Newsbook says the Civic Amenity Site in Ħal Far will welcome second-hand items, after WasteServ opened its first reuse centre.

TVM says A 45-year-old man has been remanded in custody after being arraigned in court and charged with corruption of his niece, a minor, and with subjecting her to physical intimacy.

Industrial dispute in Police Force

Police officers have been ordered by their union not to carry out fixed point duties with barriers during feasts and other events as part of an industrial dispute over work conditions. The directive is one of several issued to police officers by the Malta Police Union on Thursday in an ongoing dispute with the Police Commissioner. MaltaToday

Covid-19 Update

539 new cases of Covid-19 were reported by health authorities on Thursday, as one patient died while positive for the virus. 265 recoveries from the virus were reported, taking the number of active cases up to 6,231. Malta Independent

Health Minister orders law review after abortion issues

Health Minister Chris Fearne has ordered a review of legislation to ensure medical professionals are not stopped from saving lives. Answering questions from the media about local abortion laws, following the case of an American tourist whose request to terminate a non-viable pregnancy was refused by health authorities, the health minister said he believes there should be nothing in the law that precludes medical staff from saving lives. – Times of Malta

Missing 12-year-old found safe and sound

Sharona Grima, the 12-year-old girl who had been reported missing, has been found safe and sound, the police said on Thursday. In a brief statement, they thanked the public for their help locating the girl.

Malta warned to be prepared for tsunami – UNESCO

Malta has been told by UNESCO to prepare for a tsunami within 30 years and that at least one of its coastal towns should have tsunami preparations in place by the end of 2023. The chance of a tsunami within the next three decades is “100 per cent”, UNESCO said, urging at-risk coastal cities on the Mediterranean Sea to become ‘tsunami-ready’. – Times of Malta

Investigation ordered after 83-year-old goes missing from St Vincent De Paul home

Minister for Active Ageing Jo Etienne Abela has ordered an internal investigation, after an 83-year-old resident went missing from St Vincent De Paul home. Karmenu Fino, 83, was reported missing to the police on Tuesday and he was last seen in Luqa. In a statement, the ministry said that the administration of the elderly home reported the case directly to the police, soon after Fino went missing. The ministry was also informed of this development by the administration of the home and while the searches are ongoing, the minister ordered an investigation in order to establish the facts and whether recommendations were necessary. – Malta Today

45-year-old man remanded in custody after being charged of subjecting minor niece to physical intimacy

A 45-year-old man was remanded in custody after being charged in court with corrupting his niece, who is a minor, and for subjecting her to physical intimacy. The prosecution explained that the report to the Police against the uncle was made by the minor and her mother, after the man spoke to the girl in a way that was considered to be of a sexual nature. Independent

European Commission approves state aid to Malta International Airport

The European Commission has approved €12 million in state aid for Malta International Airport to compensate it for losses suffered during the Covid pandemic.The measure aims at compensating Malta International Airport for the damage suffered during the period between 21 March and 30 June 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic and the travel restrictions imposed by Malta to limit the spread of the virus. As a result, the Malta International Airport operator experienced a steep decline in traffic and profitability over this period. The aid will take the form of a direct grant. Newsbook

Prime Minister’s wife meets global leaders’ spouses during NATO summit

The Prime Minister’s wife, Lydia Abela, has met the wives and husbands of various leaders during sideline meetings held in Madrid. TVM

Archbishop warns that roots cannot grow in concrete and cement

Celebrating Mass on the occasion of the Feast of St Peter and St Paul on Wednesday, Archbishop Charles Scicluna warned that “our roots cannot grow in concrete and cement.” The feast, also known as “L-Imnarja” dates back centuries and was first held by farmers to celebrate the harvest, and allow them to rest after their toil.  Archbishop Scicluna noted that the feast burdens us with responsibility, especially in light of Malta’s early harvest given its climate. “Are we safeguarding our harvest and the environment from which it emerges? The annual Imnarja festival reminds us that our roots cannot grow in concrete and cement,” Mgr Scicluna warned in clear reference to Malta’s rapid urbanisation. Newsbook

Tennis historic result achieved by Curmi and Genovese

A historic result for Malta was achieved on Wednesday when tennis players Francesca Curmi and Elaine Genovese beat Italian duo Nuria Brancaccio and Auroroa Zantedeschi in the Habib Khelil Tennis Complex with a final score of 3-6, 7-6, 11-9. – MaltaToday

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