Konrad Mizzi knew that Electrogas would win power station contract, minutes reveal / Malta News Briefing – Friday 10 March 2023

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The Times of Malta reports that the parents of Jean Paul Sofia, who was killed in a building collapse late last year, blamed their son’s death on inaction by state entities as well as those responsible for the construction site’s development.

Maltatoday reveals that a total of 171 people in Malta are stateless, and almost half of them are under the age of 10.

TVM says that a man was found guilty on Thursday of attempting to force open the door of the University chemistry lab where drugs exhibited in court are analysed. He was sentenced to twenty months in prison.

The Malta Independent reports that he Malta Law Students’ Society (GħSL) condemned Prime Minister Robert Abela for appearing “to undermine the autonomy of the judiciary” and it has requested investigations into three instances where Abela “cast doubt upon the autonomy of the judiciary”

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Konrad Mizzi knew that Electrogas would win power station contract, minutes reveal
Former energy minister Konrad Mizzi knew Electrogas would be the chosen bidder for the power station contract before Enemalta’s board even approved the decision. This emerged from board minutes obtained by the public accounts committee (PAC), which indicate that Mizzi was given a presentation at Castille – showing Electrogas would be chosen for the project. At that stage, Enemalta’s board had yet to vote on that decision or even be informed of it, despite the corporation being responsible for awarding the contract. (Times of Malta)

Nurse suspended after Carmelo Fino incident reinstated – MUMN
A nurse who was suspended from duties at St Vincent de Paul Home for the elderly over the disappearance of Karmenu Fino has been reinstated. Rhys Xuereb, who was a reliever and had only graduated a few months prior, had to oversee 34 patients in an open ward, the MUMN has claimed. An internal investigation into the incident ordered by the Active Ageing Ministry found significant shortcomings on the part of staff working the night shift as well as the security team assigned on the night of the disappearance, but the Nurses’ Union clamed that the employee was a victim of a “frame-up” and made a “scapegoat” for the lack of staff manning the wards. (Maltatoday)

Migrants in Malta’s SAR rescued by Italy

Around 80 asylum seekers who were in distress in Malta’s search and rescue area were rescued by the Italian coastguard after Maltese authorities chose not to intervene. NGO Alarm Phone had reported that the people on board were using their clothes to scoop out water coming in the boat as it called on Malta and Italy to rescue the asylum seekers in distress. NGO Moviment Graffiti has been among those urging the Armed Forces of Malta and home affairs minister Byron Camilleri to intervene, but no action was taken. (Newsbook)

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Government proposes extending 48-hour police detention for suspects in serious crimes

Police could seek magisterial approval to detain persons suspected of serious crimes for an additional 84 hours under a government proposal extending the 48-hour rule. The exceptional rule will apply to suspects of crimes punishable by more than 12 years’ imprisonment, according to a proposal by Justice Minister Jonathan Attard. The Minister said the proposal aims to balance the rights of suspected persons with the need to protect society. (Maltatoday)

Double-digit drop for residential property sales in Feb

The number of final deeds of sale amounted to 931 during February 2023, registering a drop of 12.8%. NSO data shows that the number of final deeds of sale of residential property in February amounted to 931, a 12.8% decrease when compared to those registered a year earlier. The value of these deeds totalled €239.0 million, 6% lower than the corresponding value recorded in February 2022. (Newsbook)

Labour ashamed of celebrating 10 years in power

Labour was ashamed of celebrating the 10th anniversary of its election to government, Opposition leader Bernard Grech on Thursday. Addressing a live broadcast, the PN leader said that Joseph Muscat and his successor Robert Abela had betrayed the people and Labour’s values, with parts of the country sold off to fraudsters and criminals. Grech said Labour had also promised that the environment would be a priority for the government, and yet it proceeded to ruin the environment. In a reaction, the Labour Party said it was the people who spoke about the positive changes which the government had brought about in the past 10 years. “The change needs to continue, building on the lot of good that was achieved and strengthening where needed,” the PL said in a statement. (Times of Malta)

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