Pupil assaults students, teachers / Malta News Briefing – Friday 13 May 2022

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1745- Latest News update

Times of Malta says Twenty four people stranded on a sinking boat in Malta’s search and rescue Zone have been rescued by a humanitarian organisation.

MaltaToday says beach-goers will not be able to access San Niklaw Bay in Comino this summer, while some footpaths to Santa Marija beach have been blocked off

Newsbook says four youths, two of whom are siblings, have been jointly sentenced to carry out three hundred hours of community work and have been put on probation for five years after they admitted to having, on 28 January three years ago, set fire to a van in Selmun.

TVM says Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech has officially submitted his nomination for the party’s leadership election.

Updated 1245

Pupil assaults students, teachers: A vicious assault on a student and three teachers at the Naxxar Middle School was investigated by the education authorities. According to sources, the incident featured a “difficult” 12-year-old pupil assaulting a classmate during recess.  The boy then turned his rage on three teachers, who intervened to stop the assault. During the assault, one teacher’s spectacles were shattered, while the other two were harmed slightly. The incident, which occurred last Thursday, was confirmed by a representative for the Education Ministry.

PN will not investigate Buttigieg claims unless names are mentioned: The Nationalist Party said no investigation into St Julian’s mayor Albert Buttigieg’s claims that a PN official harmed his election campaign at the behest of a “fat cat” could be conducted until the perpetrators were identified. “Buttigieg needs to name who he’s accusing,” PN Secretary-General Michael Piccinino said. The mayor of St Julian’s stated that he just asked the party questions and relayed what he was told in confidence.

Eurovision: Maltese entry eliminated in Semis: Emma Muscat, the Eurovision contestant from Malta, has been eliminated from Saturday’s grand final in Italy. Despite receiving standing ovations in Turin for her performance, the 22-year-old was not chosen for the second semi-final. On Thursday night, she was one of 18 hopefuls competing for the remaining ten spots, and bookmakers had given her a 49 percent chance of qualifying. Malta will not compete in the song contest final for the first time since 2019.

Morning Briefing

Chamber calls for digitalisation of public services
The Malta Chamber has called for a comprehensive digital transformation of public services could address many of Malta’s operational weaknesses. In a statement, it said that, if done well, this will save businesses, citizens and government a lot of time and money that is wasted on duplication of data inputting with various government entities. The Chamber expressed hoped that it will also help identify waste and free excess human resources for more productive employment in the private sector, where labour shortages are hampering the recovery of several industries.
“There are tough decisions to be made in the coming months, but it is imperative to make them. Given the current international scenario, delaying tough decisions further could backfire badly because energy prices are bound to remain high for a prolonged period and supply chain bottlenecks will not ease before the economic growth of large economies starts buckling under inflationary pressures”, it further said.

Exhumation of remains of Tumas Fenech halted by Court

The exhumation of the remains of the late businessman Tumas Fenech has been halted by the Court of Appeal unless the man claiming to be his son alters his birth certificate to remove the name of a man who has been shown not to be his biological father. Victor Buttigieg had already filed a petition with the Family Court in 2013, requesting that his birth certificate be altered and that paternity testing be performed on the deceased’s remains. Tumas Fenech and his offspring developed a commercial empire encompassing the gambling, management, property development, automotive, hospitality, and leisure industries as the founders of the Tumas Group of Companies.

Covid-19 Update
100 new cases were reported on Thursday, while 161 recovered. Active cases stand at 2,515. Meanwhile health authorities have in the past hours announced that the wearing of masks will no longer be required during flights. It was also revealed that the Public Health Response Team, which was responsible for contact tracing and case management during the virus pandemic, has been disbanded.

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