42 new cases of Covid-19: Malta News Briefing – Friday 2 April 2021

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Updated 1240 – Covid-19 Update 42 new cases of coronavirus were reported on Good Friday. Recoveries have remained high, at 94, taking the active case tally further down to 687.

An 82-year-old man became the latest victim of the virus on Thursday, passing away at Mater Dei.

Morning Briefing

Our patience has a limit – Archbishop

Archbishop Charles Scicluna railed against the lack of prudence and negligence of a few, which have brought the country in a situation where the faithful are unable to meet to celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ.

“We cannot but remark that we have had enough of doing all that it takes while others do not care,” Archbishop Scicluna said. “Those who do not care, those who are negligent brought us back to where we started” Scicluna added. While announcing that Churches will be open today for private prayer in full respect of current restrictions, Scicluna insisted that it was unacceptable, that those who have been adhering to all the health protocols in place are being asked to make even more sacrifices.

“Our patience has a limit. We have been cooperating as best we can and as much as we could. It is unacceptable because of the negligence of others, we are paying such a cruel and hefty price which is denying us from commemorating the passion of Christ in the way we always did,” he says.

113 persons hospitalised due to Covid-19

There are currently 113 persons in hospitals, Prof Charmaine Gauci said yesterday in her weekly announcement. This represented a 25% drop in two weeks, with the Health Superintendent saying that this confirmed the impact of restrictive measures. Even better, she highlighted how persons being treated in intensive care have almost halved over the same timeframe. “We can see the correlation between hospitalisation and what is happening on the outside: when active cases decrease so do people who need hospital stays,” she said. “It’s good and it’s encouraging”, she quipped.

She also confirmed that police officers have been delegated the authority to enter private property to check if Covid-19 measures are followed, so long as a report is filed. As Superintendent of Health, Prof Gauci said she can “delegate authority so that diverse enforcement agencies can enforce laws” on the general public. This includes entering private property.

On Thursday, daily cases edged up to 52, Health authorities reported. However, with 146 persons recovering, the number of active cases has gone down to below 800. More than 200,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in Malta so far, given in Malta so far.

PN discussing cannabis reform

The Nationalist Party said it is discussing cannabis through a focus group purposely established to continue consultations with sector stakeholders following the publication of the Government’s White Paper.

In a press statement the PN said it had already announced it is in favour of the decriminalisation of possession by persons for intelligent personal use. It said the Law has to also address the social impact and provide safeguards against abuse. It maintained the PN has been taking this stance for the past six years.

Meanwhile, Caritas Malta, Oasi Foundation and the Maltese Association of Psychiatrists said that the proposed reform in cannabis law would normalize the use of the drug and adversely impact society.

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