Update – Malta News Briefing – Friday 3 March 2023

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Times of Malta says that a judge has ruled that the state breached the rights of two directors accused of money laundering by failing to provide the tools needed to extract data from a locked phone.

Maltatoday reports that the director of a freight handling company has denied charges relating to the importation of some 8kg of cannabis grass and possession of ecstasy and cocaine.

TVM reports that five youths, three of them residents of Cospicua and two from Ħaż-Żabbar, have been found guilty of meeting up in a group to commit a crime, as well ass disturbing the peace with shouting and fighting.

The Malta Independent says that the PN has said that “there was no need for a public inquiry to confirm that the police force is overworked, overstretched, but definitely not overpaid,” in reaction to the recent findings of an inquiry into Bernice Cassar’s death.

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EU report shows Malta has highest number of EU funds-linked fraud investigations

A new report by the European Public Prosecutor’s Office revealed that Malta is the country, per capita, with the most pending cases related to fraud in connection with EU funds. The reports shows that Nalta ended 2022 with 14 investigations at the EPPO’s office over projects worth a total of €123.5 million. Three of those cases concern VAT fraud investigations of projects worth a total of €70.5 million. Four cases include cross-border investigations, another four concern corruption, two are about procurement expenditure fraud and one concerns money laundering. (Times of Malta)

MEA, GWU disagree on proposal related to menstrual leave

Menstrual leave, a proposal put up for discussion by Labour MP Rosianne Cutajar in the House of Representatives, should not be treated as a priority in social dialogue discussons, the Malta Employers Association has said. “Employees unfit for any reason may only avail themselves of sick leave… we cannot have separate or additional sick leave for different medical conditions,” the MEA said. On the other hand, the GWU said that it welcomes the discussion. “The fulcrum of the discussion should be the wellbeing of our work force. We are always in favour to discuss new benefits and rights for all female workers,” a GWU spokesperson said. (Maltatoday)

Traffic accidents increase by 3.2%
The number of reported traffic accidents during the fourth quarter of 2022 reached 3,816, up by 3.2 per cent over the same period in 2021. The Northern Harbour district registered the most accidents with 1,297 cases or 34.0 per cent of all accidents. Road traffic casualties increased by 0.5 per cent to 381 over the same period in 2021. Grievously injured persons amounted to 84, and consisted of 52 drivers, 5 passengers and 27 pedestrians/cyclists/others. The injuries suffered by three drivers and four pedestrians proved fatal. (NSO)

Morning Briefing

Flight takes more than 100 boxes of supplies for Syrian victims of earthquake

An aircraft carrying supplies for victims of the earthquake in Syria left Malta on Thursday. The flight, operated by Universal Air is carrying 101 boxes of clothes and other items to Cyprus, from where they will then be transferred to a Cyprus Air flight due to leave for Beirut. Once the boxes arrive in Beirut, they will be taken to Syria by a church group forming part of the Patriarch of Antioch. (Times of Malta)

E-commerce usage in Malta rises to 64% – NSO

Internet users who engaged in e-commerce activities in 2022 amounted to 235,793 (64.4% of internet users), an NSO survey has found. The majority of e-commerce users (55.9%) were within the 16 and 34 years age bracket. The statistics authority said that deliveries from restaurants, fast-food chains or catering services, and clothes were the two most common goods and services acquired online. Over 121,000 internet users subscribed to streaming or downloading services of films or series and a further 70,125 purchased the streaming or downloading of music. (NSO)

Student organisation laments unpaid internships
Studenti Graffitti, the student wing of Moviment Graffitti, expressed concern about unpaid internships being offered at the ongoing Careers Expo on the University campus organised by the students’ council (KSU).“We have been monitoring the situation and have long suspected that companies are offering unpaid internships to students seeking work opportunities outside of university hours. Studenti Graffitti can now confirm that at least three of the enterprises involved in KSU’s 2023 Careers Expo are offering unpaid internship opportunities,” the group said. (Newsbook)

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