Malta News Briefing – Monday 13 November 2023

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Morning Briefing

PM calls for ceasefire in Middle East

Prime Minister Robert Abela said that no terrorist attack justifies retaliatory actions that result in the brutal killing of innocent children, parents, and civilians. Speaking to PL party supporters in Paola, he called for a ceasefire in the Middle East on Remembrance Day, emphasizing the need to remember the suffering caused by war. Abela expressed his commitment to advocating for measures that protect the lives of innocent children, families, and all those who, through no fault of their own, are experiencing violence and loss. While condemning the Hamas attack on Israel that occurred on October 7, he firmly stated that no terrorist attack, and even the right of self-defense, should lead to retaliation involving the butchering and massacring of innocent lives. (Times of Malta)

Government failing country in every sector
Opposition Leader Bernard Grech asserted that the Labour government is falling short in every sector it oversees, stating that the current administration is attempting to present Malta’s situation as an idyllic one, despite evident shortcomings in progressing the nation. During an interview on the Net TV, Grech highlighted the mounting dissatisfaction expressed by various stakeholders, including employers, industry representatives, and now educators. He characterized the government as “fatigued,” lacking the foresight and proactive measures needed to address these concerns. Grech cited specific instances of government failures, such as individuals being turned away from operating theatres due to high demand, the judiciary indicating an imminent collapse of the court system, and teachers initiating strikes over a pay dispute. He attributed the strain on Malta’s resources to the escalating population growth, emphasizing that the government is not equipped with the vision and initiative required to effectively manage these challenges. (The Malta Independent)

Survey gives Labour 9k lead

Following the budget, the Labour Party has regained its leading position, with MaltaToday’s November survey indicating a 9,000-vote advantage over the Nationalist Party. Just the previous month, the PL was trailing the PN by almost 5,000 votes.
The survey results reveal that the PL now commands the support of 49%, marking a five-point increase from October, while the PN stands at 45.4%, experiencing a marginal de

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