Malta News Briefing – Monday 16 October 2023

an aerial shot of the grand harbour in malta
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Morning Briefing

Couple murdered in Marsa

A 73-year-old man and a 56-year-old woman were killed at a garage in Marsa on Sunday morning. According to Police spokesman Brandon Pisani, a couple, both of Maltese nationality, was discovered deceased on a farm. Within minutes of the incident, law enforcement apprehended one suspect who was observed leaving the scene. Additionally, the police have recovered a knife that is believed to have been used in the couple’s murder. Sources have indicated that the property seems to have served as a residence for several migrants. The police are not ruling out the possibility that the suspected assailant may have been among those who resided on the premises.

Discussions aimed at increasing minimum wage ongoing – PM
Prime Minister Robert Abela disclosed that ongoing discussions with social partners are aimed at facilitating an increase in the minimum wage. During an interview on One, Abela stated, “I don’t foresee the national minimum wage remaining unchanged; it must be raised.” He argued that his primary concern in this matter is the impact of inflation.
Abela attributed the escalation in living expenses to a combination of factors, including the pandemic, disruptions in the supply chain, heightened consumption in specific sectors, and ongoing global conflicts. He emphasized the significant challenge posed by inflation and stressed that it cannot be addressed through short-term measures. Abela underscored that addressing inflation is an enduring and substantial challenge. (Maltatoday)

COLA should not be taxed- PN leader

Opposition Leader Bernard Grech said that any adjustment to the cost-of-living COLA should not be taxed by the Government and added the increase is essential to families and people in need and the Government should not eat this away and the major unions like the UHM and the GWU agree with the PN stance. Addressing a political event in Birkirkara, Grech emphasized that the Nationalist Party is the sole provider of opportunities for progress and advancement for everyone. The PN leader pointed out that recent years and months have been marked by volatility, during which the population has experienced energy shortages. He attributed this to the Labor Government’s policies, which he described as mere gimmicks lacking a substantive foundation, with the government making promises but failing to deliver on them. (TVM)

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