Court clears way for turtle dove spring hunting/ Malta News Briefing – Monday 17 April 2023

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The Times of Malta follows the story of a dog breeder who has been hospitalised after being attacked by his own dogs on Monday morning. His pitbulls had already mauled his 95-year-old grandmother to that in 2020.

Maltatoday reports that a group of individuals have formally requested a magisterial inquiry be launched into accusations of serious crimes, including kidnapping, money laundering, theft and stalking involving persons connected to No Deposit Cars Ltd.

Newsbook says that around 60 people who were rescued from two boats in distress in Malta’s search-and-rescue area are set to be brought to Malta.

The Malta Independent reports that Environment Minister Miriam Dalli has launched a €1 million water purification system scheme called “Be Water Smart” to encourage Maltese households to adopt water purification systems and reduce single-use plastics.

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Court clears way for turtle dove spring hunting: BirdLife Malta’s application for an injunction that would have prevented the opening of the spring hunting season for turtle dove this year has been rejected by court. The NGO had gone to Court after earlier this year, the Ornis committee recommended the opening of the spring hunting season for quail and turtle dove within set national limits. The judgment delivered by Mr. Justice Giovanni Grixti, effectively means that the minister can issue the legal notice and open the spring hunting season for the turtle dove. (Maltatoday)

No demand for properties in high-rises, MBA Chair: The Chair of the Malta Bankers’ Association revealed that local banks are not seeing a demand for properties in high-rise buildings despite the many developments popping up around the island. Marcel Cassar, who is also APS Bank CEO, said that the intensity and scale of certain developments, and the public outrage over them, are making local banks rethink the projects they support. Cassar argues that these concerns are also driven by the incoherence in Malta’s planning sector, citing high-rises and developments in or around Urban Conservation Areas and Outside Development Zones as examples. (Times of Malta)

Morning Briefing

Land reclamation on the cards – PM

Government is considering land reclamation, PM Robert Abela revealed on Sunday, acknowledging that such projects will inevitably attract criticism.
Addressing Labour’s General Conference, the PM vowed that the government will never allow itself to become paralysed by criticism and withdraw from taking decisions. “It is natural that this will attract criticism and debate. Do not be afraid of criticism. Instead, fear the paralysis that comes when you stop taking decisions to avoid criticism.” The Prime Minister also spoke at length on the current industrial dispute with nurses, insisting that government was offering them “responsible” pay increases, as it had done with other categories of workers. (Times of Malta)

Labour destroyed AirMalta – Bernard Grech

PN leader Bernard Grech slammed the PL government for “bankrupting” Air Malta in reference to reports that the national airline will be dissolved after summer. He argued that the Prime Minister abandoned the workers and was taking people for a ride, given the airline was still advertising new jobs despite its current predicament. “This is the national airline of our country, your country. They destroyed it because they had no plan except for that to continue pocketing millions,” Grech said. He warned that if Air Malta did not survive, the Maltese, the tourism industry and many ancillary services would suffer. (Maltatoday)

Man in danger after three-vehicle crash

A 29-year-old man is in danger of losing his life after he was involved in a three-vehicle crash on Birkirkara bypass in the early hours of Sunday. The police said the collision involved a car being driven by a 36-year-old Serbian national from Gżira, a motorcycle being driven by a Pakistani national and a third car being driven by a 33-year-old man from tal-Pietà. (Newsbook)

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