PN Leader replies to Budget 2022 / Malta News Briefing – Monday 18 October 2021

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Latest Briefing- 1745

Times of Malta says that around 80 peripatetic teachers who were transferred to primary schools at the beginning of the scholastic year have been ordered by their trade unions to return to their original roles.  

MaltaToday says that women’s access to sexual and reproductive health care should be ensured, including safe and legal abortion, Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner says

Newsbook says that Ian Borg accused the Opposition of creating uncertainty by fanning speculation on the election date.

TVM says with the building industry following a strong pace, the use of pure quarried Maltese stone has reduced drastically

Covid-19 Update: The number of active cases stands at 271, with eleven patients in hospital, one of whom in intensive care.

CoE Commissioner calls for safer environment for journalists, stronger rights for women: “Implementing the recommendations of the public inquiry report which found that the state must bear responsibility for Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination should be a top priority for the government”, according to the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Dunja Mijatović, following a visit to Malta from 11 to 16 October. “The authorities should swiftly start putting in place the far-reaching reforms needed to ensure journalists’ safety and address mistrust in the media in Malta. This should begin with a co-ordinated response to threats and harassment against journalists, including online, in order to provide adequate protection measures.

Malta-Gozo traffic sees increase in Summer 2021: During the third quarter of 2021, sea transport between Malta and Gozo registered increases in trips, passengers and vehicles when compared to the corresponding quarter of 2020. A total of 12,758 trips were carried out, carrying a total of 1,605,604 passengers. August was the busiest month recording a total of 4,282 trips or 33.6 per cent of total.

Morning Briefing

Criticism to budget is unfair – Labour President

Surveys commissioned after last Monday’s budget speech show that over 70% believe that the 2022 Budget was either good or very good, Finance Minister Clyde Caruana revealed on Sunday. Caruana was speaking during a political activity organised by the Labour Party at its Orpheum Theatre in Gżira. The event was also addressed by Labour Party President Ramona Attard said Opposition leader Bernard Grech’s criticism on the budget was unfair.“People don’t want polarizing arguments, people expect a realistic reaction. Criticism has to be constructive,” Attard said.

PN leader slams Robert Abela on failure to remember Caruana Galizia’s murder

Nationalist Party Leader Bernard Grech has slammed Prime Minister Robert Abela for failing to speak on assassinated journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia four years after her murder. “The least he could have done was to carry out a simple gesture which would help in the healing process of the country,” Grech said during a political speech in Balzan on Sunday. He also spoke at length on his assessment of the Budget, saying that Robert Abela will leave a legacy of debt. “It is now clear that the budget’s sole vision for the future is debt. That is the legacy of our Prime Minister Robert Abela and his government will leave behind. A future of debt, which our children will have to handle.” Grech will be delivering his response to the Budget this evening, saying that he will use the occasion to outline his vision.

Covid19 Update

10 new cases of Covid-19 have been identified overnight according to the latest daily update issued by the health authorities. With 18 patients now deemed to have made a full recovery, the total number of known active cases now stands at 271. 11 patients are being treated at Mater Dei Hospital, with just one patient in intensive care.

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