Malta News Briefing – Monday 24 April 2023

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Morning Briefing

Parties bicker on energy subsidies

The Nationalist Party wants to stop energy subsidies but the government believes it should continue to cushion prices for “all families and businesses”, Prime Minister Robert Abela said. Speaking at a party event at the PL’s Rabat club, Abela criticised the PN’s plans to organise a protest on May 1 and urged people to join the PL’s events to send a message to the PN that this is the best way forward for the country. In a reaction, the PN said it remained committed to its plan based on investment in clean energy and to obtain energy from the cheapest source as benefitted the people, without increasing prices. The PN recalled that it was also the Labour government that, rather than invest in renewable energy, invested in a corrupt wind farm in Montenegro. (Times of Malta)

Illegal lottery estimated at €10m
An illegal lottery that is run nationwide and was first flagged during the arrest of the Caruana Galizia assassination middleman Melvin Theuma, is believed to be creaming off 30% of the legitimate market. Financial investigators who follow the comings-and-goings of this lucrative game told MaltaToday the players behind this illegal ‘national’ lottery, have inherited the operation, or at least part of it, from Theuma himself. Some €10 million is estimated to be played through this illegal lottery, which is then laundered in a number of ways, including construction (Maltatoday)

No right to expect solidarity if we don’t give it ourselves – Archbishop

“We have no right to demand solidarity from others if we do not show our solidarity,” Archbishop Charles Scicluna said on Sunday, with reference to asylum seekers who find themselves in distress at sea, and whose requests for rescues are ignored. Speaking during a mass on the feast of St Publius, Mgr Scicluna went on to say that he hopes that each distress call the Maltese authorities receives is dealt with, and that Malta shoulders its responsibilities as a nation. (Newsbook)

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