MUT claims lack of teachers, Minister disagrees / Malta News Briefing – Monday 26 September 2022

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The Times of Malta says that the Labour Party’s ONE media has reached a deal with the tax office to start repaying hundreds of thousands of euros in dues. The deal was cut a few weeks ago after months of negotiations and will see the labour media paying around €5,000 every month over the course of some 15 years.

Maltatoday follows court developments as a key witness was heard behind closed doors in the case against Tal-Maksar brothers and associates.

The Malta Independent speaks to Abigail Mamo, CEO of the SME chamber, who argues that a holistic strategy is needed for Malta to regain the quality and charm it once had. She shares some of the organisation’s proposal for the upcoming budget.

Newsbook reports that hunting lobby FKNK has urged the education minister to remove a Maltese school text book from the syllabus because it “portrays hunters as bad people”.

Updated 1215 – Minister rejects MUT claims on staffing

Education Minister Clifton Grima rejected the MUT arguments on teacher understaffing insisting that all schools will be operating normally. “I can confirm that with regards to vacancies and teachers in the state’s schools there are no problems, and each student will have a teacher and will be able to continue with the syllabus,” Grima said.

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Understaffing still plagues Maltese schools – MUT

As thousands of school children return to class this week, the teachers’ union lamented that staff shortages are back to what they were in the 2018/2019 academic year, the number of new educators remaining too low. “In the past years, we have not had an influx of teachers joining the profession and, therefore, the issues we had in 2018/2019 are still with us,” MUT’s Marco Bonnici said. the Union noted that more teachers are needed in primary level as well as for the core and science subjects in secondary schools.

No public service jobs for workers taking early retirement from AirMalta

Air Malta workers who will be leaving the airline under an early retirement scheme will not be able to work in the public service for six years after their agreement is finalised. In January, Finance Minister Clyde Caruana had announced a voluntary employee transfer scheme in a bid to cut Air Malta’s workforce by half and save €15 million per year in wages. Addressing a Q&A session last week, Caruana said that ‘brutal decisions’ were required to safeguard the airline’s continued existence.

Morning Briefing

Pro-abortion, anti-abortion demos take place in Valletta: A crowd in its hundreds called for the legalisation of abortion in Malta, with activists chanting “my body, my choice” and “safe, free and legal” while holding placards and banners with pro-choice slogans. A separate, but smaller crowd, attended an anti-abortion gathering addressed by representatives of fringe political parties.

EV sharing firm to leave island

GoTo Malta, a popular electricity vehicle sharing service revealed that it will be leaving the islands for good at the end of the month. The company announced its departure through an email sent to client. On Facebook, the company said it was gutted to leave the island after four years, expressing hope that it helped instil a strong culture of sharing.

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