Man dies in early morning traffic incident / Malta News Briefing – Saturday 28 October 2023

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Man dies in early morning traffic incident

In the early hours of Saturday morning, a pedestrian, aged 25, lost his life when struck by a car on the Regional Road. The incident took place at approximately 2:20 am, as confirmed by the police in an official statement. Medical responders discovered the injured victim, originally from Denmark, at the entrance to a tunnel on this bustling thoroughfare. He had been struck by a Honda Accord driven by a 44-year-old resident of Mosta. Tragically, the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. (Times of Malta)

PM oversees signing of minimum wage increase

Prime Minister Robert Abela oversaw the signing ceremony officially increasing minimum wage levels. Abela hailed this as a historic occasion, emphasizing that the increase in minimum wage reaffirmed his party’s dedication to socialist principles. He recalled his commitment to raising the minimum wage, as outlined in the 2022 electoral manifesto, and highlighted the collaborative effort with social partners through the Low Wage Commission to reach this milestone. Abela noted that the increase in minimum wage is not only justifiable for workers but also aligns with current economic conditions, acknowledging industry concerns regarding wage hikes. The minimum wage for workers over 18 will rise to €200.73 in 2024, then €203.73 in 2025, €206.73 in 2026, and €210.73 in 2027. The hourly rate will rise from €4.82 to €5.34 next year. (Maltatoday)

NGO chief seeks protection after attempted break-in

Repubblika’s president, Robert Aquilina, has once more sought police protection due to ongoing threats and an attempted intrusion at his home. The formal request was conveyed in a letter penned by Aquilina, with the assistance of his lawyer, Therese Comodini Cachia, and addressed to Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa. The contents of the letter have been disclosed to the public. Within the letter, Aquilina appeals for “adequate protection to ensure his capacity to engage in public activities, exercising his freedom of expression, free from fear, harassment, or threats.” (The Malta Independent)

Morning Briefing

80% of small businesses feel country is heading in wrong direction

The majority of small business owners in Malta believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, according to an SME Chamber survey. Approximately 80% of respondents expressed this view, marking a 16-percentage point increase since the same question was posed in the second quarter of the year. Chamber CEO Abigail Agius Mamo noted that businesses are particularly concerned about the perceived levels of corruption and governance issues in the country, and they emphasize the need for addressing these concerns. Additionally, the survey highlighted that inflation is a significant concern not only for businesses but also as a national issue. (Times of Malta)

Humanity needs to win – PM

Speaking about the Middle East during an EU Summit in Brussels, PM Robert Abela condemned without any reservations the attack by Hamas on the state of Israel and welcomed the release of a number of hostages while saying that all hostages trapped in Gaza need to be released. “Our main aim will continue to be the safety of both Israeli citizens as well as ensuring that Palestinians do not continue to be massacred. What is happening in Gaza is very worrying. While recognising the right of Israel to defend itself, we stress the importance of subsequent actions to be proportional and in conformity with international law to protect the common citizen,” said the PM. (TVM)

Nursing manager charged with theft from elderly care residents

A nursing manager working at a private care facility for the elderly has been formally charged with the theft of €20,000 in cash, as well as gold and other valuable items belonging to the residents. The 37-year-old individual, whose identity is being kept confidential in accordance with a court order, was brought before Magistrate Joseph Gatt while under arrest on Friday.
According to Police Inspector Joseph Mercieca, reports were received from the care home in question, which is also protected by a reporting ban, indicating that the defendant had been involved in theft from two separate rooms over an extended period. The son of one of the victims reported the theft to the police after he discovered incriminating footage from a hidden camera he had installed in his mother’s room, showing the defendant taking gold items from her drawer. The defendant entered a non-guilty plea, and bail was granted against a €1,000 deposit and a personal guarantee of €2,000. (Maltatoday)

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