Malta News Briefing – Sunday 18 December 2022

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Morning Briefing

Maltese are more willing to emigrate for work than most in the EU

Three in 10 Maltese are considering emigrating for work, an EU-wide survey has shown, with Maltese respondents among the nationalities most willing to move abroad for employment. Just over four in 10 of those who would work abroad cited the desire to earn more money as their main reason. The number of Maltese thinking of emigrating has increased by 10 per cent when compared to 2009, the biggest jump in the EU alongside Luxembourg. (Times of Malta)

Trailer operators complain at high ferry prices

Ferry lines that transport cargo to Malta have increased their rates this year despite global shipping rates declining, trailer operators have said. The Association of Tractor and Trailer Operators said that despite its attempts to tackle the issue with ferry operators, “these efforts have been futile”. Earlier this week, Labour MP Carmelo Abela argued that importers had a duty to lower their prices as global shipping rates declined. However, local operators said that they were not benefiting from the drop in rates, as ferry lines that carried their goods to and from Malta had stuck to their higher rates. (Times of Malta)

Birżebbuġa residents lament tuna farm stench

Birżebbuġa residents and activists have warned that they will not back down and are ready to close the tuna recycling plant, if the stench is not immediately addressed. Numerous Birżebbuġa residents with the support of Għaqda Storja u Kultura Birżebbuġa and Moviment Graffitti have this morning protested against the stench coming from the tuna recycling plant which started operating over two months ago. However, the plant’s CEO, former Labour anchor Charlon Gouder, said that the Ħal Far plant is not responsible for any smells in the area and that inspectors had never reported a stench in any of their 60 inspections since October. (Maltaoday)

“Employers should not be stingy with regards to the health and safety of workers” – the President

The President of Malta George Vella encouraged all employers not to be stingy with regards to the health and safety of workers.
During the ‘National Worker of the Year 2022 Award’ ceremony organised by the Parliamentary Secretariat for Social Dialogue, the President referred to workplace accidents, some of which were fatal. “Employers and the responsible authorities should drive initiatives that avoid and protect employees from tragedies that can be avoided with a little more attention and discipline,” said President Vella.

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