UPDATE – Malta News Briefing – Sunday 5 June 2022

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News Update

Car dealerships involved in second-hand Japanese car tampered mileage gauges suspended

The Used Vehicles Importers Association (UVIA) suspended the two car dealerships involved in a racket that tampered mileage gauges on second-hand Japanese cars. Albert Fenech, the secretary-general of the UVIA, issued a public statement on Sunday morning stating that the association took steps against the two dealerships on 1 June. Maltatoday reported on Sunday that hundreds of consumers have been sold second-hand Japanese cars with tampered mileage gauges, in a racket involving at least two car dealerships. Cars bought from Japanese bidding markets on the cheap because of their high mileage, would then be sold in Malta with the dashboard gauge showing low mileage. MaltaToday understands that the authorities are investigating the racket and that at least 300 case files at Transport Malta have been flagged as suspicious, some dating back as far as 2019. The racket is facilitated by what appears to be complacency of officials at Transport Malta, who do not bother cross-checking physical documentation presented to them by car dealers when they register the imported vehicles with the online records at JEVIC that would indicate the true mileage.

German arrest warrant against gaming consultant Galea not actioned for a year

The authorities sat on a German arrest warrant for wanted gaming consultant Iosif Galea for nearly a year and it has still not been fully processed.   The matter is the subject of a review by the independent police complaints board, which is looking into how Galea was allowed to travel out of the country repeatedly despite being the subject of a European Arrest Warrant issued by Germany. Times of Malta reports that the Maltese police essentially sat on the German request for some nine months. Malta first received notice of the German EAW for Galea in May 2021. Once a warrant of this nature is received, the police cannot automatically arrest the subject but instead must seek authorisation from the office of the Attorney General.

PN Leader Grech says confidence and trust received will be transmitted into more work for the party

Opposition Leader Bernard Grech said on Sunday that the confidence and trust he received after being re-elected as Nationalist Party Leader will be transmitted into more work for the good of the party. This is the first week after Grech was re-elected Nationalist Party leader, securing 81% of the vote. During an interview on party media, Grech said that the vote he secured brings with it a number of responsibilities and decisions, while stressing that this vote was also significant because it shows that the party has active councilors who are keen on participating in a democratic process. The work carried out also continues outside with the public, he said, adding that by next September he will be organising meetings in different localities around Malta and Gozo, so that the public is given the opportunity to meet and discuss certain matters. Independent

Morning Briefing

Lucky escape for 11 after explosion at fireworks factory
A turbulent afternoon for Malta’s firefighters and other rescue corps, with two incidents in the space of a few hours taking place on both main islands. An explosion at the 15 August Fireworks Factor in the limits of Mosta could have had far worse circumstances, but fortunately, eleven enthuasiasts working on site went out relatively unharmed, although two individuals required medical attention – one for burns, the other for a fall. Firefighters were also rushed to contain a grass fire in Gozo on Saturday as the island enters the first heatwave of the season. Footage shared on social platforms showed the flames blazing close by to the Mġarr Harbour.

ADPD laments catering takeover of pavements

ADPD – The Green Party said that catering enterprises were entirely taking over the pavements of beach towns like Marsaskala, to the detriment of inhabitants and visitors. ADPD Deputy Chairperson Sandra Gauci and Public Relations Officer and Marsaskala resident Brian Decelis remarked during a Saturday press conference on the Marsaskala promenade that this behavior is causing tremendous hardship for the communities that live in these areas. “This is the result of government policy that allows commercial interests to reign with impunity,” Gauci said. She said that government and public authorities do not prioritise safe and accessible infrastructure for people.

Covid-19 Update

76 new Covid-19 cases were recorded in Malta on Saturday. This takes the total number of cases to 95,144, with 92,603 recoveries.

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