Airport traffic still a fifth of pre-pandemic levels / Malta News Briefing – Thursday 12 November 2023

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The Times of Malta says that an amendment to the law that bans gay conversion therapy will strengthen the legislation to also make it illegal for anyone to promote the practice.

Maltatoday reports that the European Court of Human Rights has ordered Malta to release a group of seven children from a detention centre.

Newsbook reports that a 17-year-old youth has been taken to hospital for treatment after he was run over by a car at the Coast Road in Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq on Thursday morning.

The Malta Independent says that the Chamber of Pharmacists is blaming the media for increasing pressure when it reports on the shortage of medicine products.

Updated 1200 – Mid-Day Briefing

Airport traffic still a fifth of pre-pandemic levels

The Malta International Airport recorded 5.8 million passenger movements during 2022. The number of passenger movements is still 20% less than what was recorded during the MIA’s record full-year traffic for 2019. While August was the year’s busiest month with 712,122 passenger movements, December registered the strongest recovery rate.The MIA’s traffic for December amounted to 421,468 passenger movements, translating to a recovery of 88.3 per cent of pre-pandemic traffic.

MPT carries almost 50m passengers in one year

Malta Public Transport (MPT) carried 49.6 million passengers in 2022, an increase of 40% over the previous year with the number of passengers travelling by bus surpassing pre-pandemic numbers for the first time in December. The bus operator also said that since the launch of the free public transport initiative in October, the number of tallinja card passengers increased by almost 50% when compared to the same period in 2021. This number was also 8% more than in 2019 which had been a record year.

NGOs urge public opposition to Comino project

A number of environmental organisations have urged the public to oppose developers’ plans to create a complex of villas on the island of Comino as part of the proposed plans for the new Comino Hotel. The plans, currently being considered by the Planning Authority, would see the site of the former Comino Hotel redeveloped, including the replacement of the nine derelict bungalows currently at Santa Marija Bay by a much larger complex of 19 villas complete with convenience store and amenities.

Morning Briefing

Government reacts to EU concern on Russian frozen assets

Government said it had helped foreign governments identify and seize Russian-owned assets worth millions. Earlier on Wednesday, an EU spokesperson took Malta to task for appearing to not be doing enough to enforce sanctions against Russia in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine. Almost every other EU country has frozen millions worth of assets, while Malta had only notified the bloc of freezing assets worth 147,000 euros. Reacting, the OPM said that Malta actually froze €222,000 in Russian assets ‘and found millions more located overseas”. The statement added that “Malta has been proactively assisting other member states in identifying problematic assets. It is also worth noting that a number of assets belonging to listed individuals or entities (registered in Malta but physically elsewhere) have been seized and frozen by other EU Member States, through mutual cooperation.” (The Times of Malta)

Social workers flagged problematic family years before ‘satanic sex’ abuse

Two young girls at the centre of a Marsaskala family had been flagged by social workers as being at risk, at least seven years before one of their boyfriends, today facing criminal charges, allegedly manipulated them and their mother into carrying out horrific sex acts on each other. This emerged as the trial of their alleged abuser continued on Wednesday. Maltatoday has the details from the third day of this trial.

FDI in Malta to develop hydrographic survey systems
Malta was chosen as the main location for the manufacturing, development and worldwide distribution of hydrographic survey systems. Located in Imrieħel, R3Vox Ltd is set to operate with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to create highly advanced multi-aspect hydrospatial survey systems. Hydrospatial systems survey and analyse charting bodies of waters, such as oceans, seas, lakes and rivers. The product being developed by R3Vox can be used for dredging, quay walls and vertical structures, marine construction as well as offshore windfarms and research. It was explained that the company not only developed an innovative product but have also invested in dedicated educational equipment to help train their clients on product usage.

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