Malta raises concern on impact of ETS on maritime industry / Malta News Briefing – Thursday 19 October 2023

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Malta raises concern on impact of ETS on maritime industry

The European Commission has accepted a a proposal jointly advanced by Malta and other member states to conduct comprehensive assessments of the impact of the new Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) on the competitive position of EU Mediterranean ports relative to non-EU ports in the region not subject to the scheme. The Maltese maritime industry is concerned that the new Scheme will simply push business away from Southern European ports to other jurisdictions with no such rules. This matter was brought to the forefront following an urgent meeting of the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development, where the potential repercussions of the ETS on Malta’s maritime sector were extensively discussed. Subsequently, during a meeting of the Council of Environment Ministers in Luxembourg, Environment Minister Miriam Dalli emphasized the need for the EC to conduct a more in-depth evaluation, encompassing a broader range of non-EU Mediterranean ports. Her concerns centered on the potential existence of loopholes that could create an uneven playing field between EU and non-EU ports, and she stressed the urgency of addressing these issues. Multiple countries supported this call, urging the Commission to take action. (The Malta Business Weekly)

Study finds Malta among top 30 nations for remote working

Malta has secured the 30th position among the best countries for remote working, according to a recent study conducted by the cybersecurity firm NordLayer. In 2022, NordLayer introduced the Global Remote Work Index (GRWI), which assesses the suitability of various countries for remote work based on four key criteria: cybersecurity, economic stability, digital and physical infrastructure, and social safety. This year, NordLayer expanded its evaluation to include 108 countries, compared to the 66 evaluated in the previous year.
Denmark, The Netherlands and Germany topped this list. (Newsbook)

TM introduces new rules for Y Plates
Transport Malta (TM) has introduced new regulations regarding Y-plate vehicles, with a primary focus on where these vehicles are stored or garaged. The key modifications pertain to operators who manage fleets consisting of five or more vehicles, as they will now be mandated to garage these vehicles in a commercial garage. These operators must also furnish a declaration from an architect confirming the address and site plan. While all Y-plate operators must possess garage facilities, the obligation to use a commercial garage applies only to those with five or more vehicles in their fleet. When it comes to off-street parking, operators must also provide proof that the parking in question is available exclusively for their registered vehicles. Here, they will also be obliged to submit a report from a warranted architect. (Maltatoday)

Morning Briefing

Fenech rejects accusation that he is mastermind of Daphne murder

Yorgen Fenech has repeated his denial of being the mastermind behind the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, as he asked the prosecution to diligently investigate and uncover the true orchestrator. Fenech’s legal team asserts that the actual mastermind is an external party and urges the prosecution to conduct a thorough investigation to unveil their identity. These details came to light during the continuation of the pre-trial proceedings of the case on Wednesday. The presiding judge, Madam Justice Edwina Grima, heard arguments and considerations raised by the defence. His lawyers referred to evidence that, they say, indicates the involvement of former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s Chief of Staff, Keith Schembri. (Times of Malta / Maltatoday)

Alarming rate of child abuse in Malta – University

A research study conducted by the University of Malta has brought attention to the issue of child abuse in Malta. The study has revealed that there are alarmingly high rates of child abuse cases, but a remarkably low percentage of individuals who actually seek assistance. Many of those who do seek help tend to do so several decades later. Furthermore, among the 484 respondents surveyed, only 27% (133) indicated that they had sought support to address their experiences of child abuse. In contrast, the remaining 73% of respondents (351) stated that they had not reached out for any form of support. (The Malta Independent)

52 police officers suspended due to criminal investigations

A total of 52 police officers are currently on suspension from their duties due to ongoing criminal investigations, as confirmed by Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri. This information was provided in response to a parliamentary question posed by Joe Giglio, the Home Affairs spokesperson for the Nationalist Party. Giglio had also inquired about the specific criminal charges brought against these police officers. However, Minister Camilleri refrained from disclosing the nature of the alleged crimes or providing specific details in his responses to both parliamentary questions. Similar queries regarding personnel from the Armed Forces of Malta and the Civil Protection Department revealed that a much larger number of police officers are currently suspended in comparison to their counterparts. Specifically, one member of the Civil Protection Department and two soldiers are under suspension due to ongoing criminal proceedings.

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